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die weltberühmte Attraktion in Echtzeit, 3D und 360°
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with the Minoan Civilization using the multimedia
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the world famous attraction in Real Time and 360°
Knossos Palace with the 3D Self Guided Audio Tour
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Knossos 3D self-guided audio tour is your own personal multimedia guide for Knossos Palace.


ook now an interactive 3D audio tour to the archaeological site’s past and present with the help of a mini-tablet.

Our device comes with a user-friendly built-in application based on cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual/augmented reality, and an integrated narration about the history of the famous monument in multiple languages. It is a brand-new groundbreaking tool that combines entertainment and cultural education.

During your visit, you will:

  • Experience a representation and reconstruction of the Minoan Palace, as it was likely in the past, and compare it in real-time, in three dimensions and 360°, with the monument’s remaining parts.
  • Use the device to enter virtually the interior of the buildings, some of which are not accessible nowadays.
  • Listen to a recorded spoken commentary in your preferred language (English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, Greek) while you walk through the open-air museum of Knossos.

The audio tour is narrated by professionals such as tour guides, journalists, and podcasters. The 3D reconstruction is based on purely archaeological scientific studies, supervised by a team of globally renowned archaeologists.

Our Equipment

One tablet

One tablet in a shockproof protective case


One purpose-built sunshield that allows you to use the content seamlessly and reliably under the summer sun

Carry strap

One carry strap to hang the device around your neck

Disposable earphones
One pair of disposable earphones sealed in a small plastic bag
Wet wipe

One antiseptic wet wipe

Explore the labyrinth at your own pace along with the privileges of the 3D audio tour!


nossos Palace is the cradle of the Minoan Civilization and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the island of Crete. It is one of the most impressive historical monuments of the ancient world as well as the ceremonial and political center of the first well-known literate civilization in Europe.

In Greek mythology, the Palace was also known as the “Labyrinth” and was designed like a maze. Today, almost 4000 years later, its architectural structure remains confusing and it can still be quite difficult to comprehend its complex nature, so a private audio virtual tour is highly recommended.

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